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"I build Customized Themes based knowledge I 've picked up over 10 years of development, this theme; for example is my bootstrap based theme with wow animation as well as default and fixed headers applied, as well as tow different footer styles set in , all pages are customized to your needs and all have the ability to have a simple loop or you can run with my custom loops throughout the theme, all the hard work is done, so you don't have top. This page is in theme options, with subtext header with image imports and TinyMCE editors
"There will be more customization going on with the premium version but as i work through this, this theme is free for you to obtain simply by emailing me and I will zip and send you a copy over, if you are interested in my other material based theme, and wish to see the live example and take a copy for yourself, this simple email, for interested If you don't want to use this layout then simply use the page editor; with either left or right sidebar or fullwidth page set available